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will be paying less at the pump starting july 1st. state board lowered excise tax by three and a half cents per gallon. it's based on a formula looking at consumption and gas price projections >> same knowledge putting a man on the moon going to help the state of california with its drought problem. nasa can't make it rain but explaining what it can do to help department to do more with what it has. abc7 morning news anchor reports. >> everybody knows that nasa has a fleet of satellites orbiting the earth. you may ne they may monitor patterns on earth but that is now going to focus on california. >> they provide us with a global perspective but that does include california. >> nasa and department of water resources holding two days of meetings to discuss how this partnership would work. we've got a preview of how this can provide you with... >> long term change information and in snow. >> that is no back >> you can see long term depression changes which can be measured in feet. >> nasa satellites and data gathering aircraft can monitor wind patterns that create and move rain storms. >> you can
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1